Tips for more successful & relaxed business networking



Heidi Butzine

Heidi Butzine is Owner & Co-Captain of Social Workplace. She is also Chief Marketing Strategist & Owner of digital marketing agency, Localista Media. With over 25 years of career experience, she’s worn all the hats in running a company from start-up to selling her business to a Fortune 500 company for nearly $20 million. She’s a best-selling author and speaks to industry and professional organizations about local marketing. 

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Tips for more successful & relaxed business networking

For some of us, business networking can be agonizing.

Sure you need to make the best use of your time, but networking is a lot more fun when you can approach it in a more relaxed state.

Learning from others what works and what doesn’t work, here are some Do’s and Don’ts of business networking.


  • Have fun. Networking should be about enjoying time together and not thinking “too much” about work.
  • Enjoy the moment and view a new contact as a happy by-product from the event.
  • Ask questions of others. People like to talk about themselves and will trust you when you actually get to know them.
  • Practice saying what you do in a sound-bite. If you have a chance to bring it up in conversation, be concise and allow others to ask questions.


  • Be in people’s faces. Networking is nuanced. Read the room and conversations to see when to bring up business or other interests.
  • Attend an event just to push an agenda to a disinterested crowd. People will remember you for all the wrong reasons.
  • Disrupt conversations just to crow-bar your business card into the hands of strangers. Have a conversation first and offer or be asked for your card.
  • Be a time-hog. Don’t go over your allotted time for self-intros. Respect others as they’ve respected you. Once your time is up, wrap it up. Don’t be “that” person who has to be cut off.

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