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How To Make Coffee at Social Workplace

Welcome to the “How To Make Coffee at Social Workplace” tutorial. We’ve laid out the basics so you can hit the “grounds” running, that’s an attempt at a coffee pun.

Coffee makes life better for many people. It either takes the edge off the daily grind (pun #2) or amps you up to make you feel more alert.

We’ve chosen the old school Bunn coffee maker. Why? Quantity and speed. A fresh pot of hot joe can be made in under 2 minutes. That’s potentially 30 pots an hour! Although we have yet to come close to that level of coffee consumption.

Coffee Making Directions

Step 1: Locate the coffee.

The coffee is stored in the second drawer down under the microwave. It is packaged in plastic sleeves, two coffee pods per sleeve. Look for an open sleeve or open a new one.

Step 2: Locate Water Pitcher.

The water pitcher is stored in the third drawer down under the microwave. Be sure to properly measure the water so as to not overflow the coffee pot. We’ll address this later as well.

Step 3: Place the coffee pod into the basket.

Open the sleeve and remove one coffee pod. Remove the coffee pod basket from the coffee machine. Place the coffee pod into the basket. down a bit to ensure the hot water covers the pod once the coffee machine takes over.

Step 4: Fill the water pitcher.

Ok, ok. This seems easy right. Do not over fill the pitcher. We’ve done it and it gets messy. Use an empty coffee carafe, fill it with water and then use it to fill the water pitcher until you get used to it.

Step 5: Place the empty coffee pot under the coffee basket.

Again, mistakes happen. Place the empty coffee carafe on the burner under the coffee pod basket. DO NOT POUR WATER INTO THE MACHINE BEFORE PLACING THE CARAFE. 🙂

Step 6: Pour the water pitcher in.

After double checking that the empty carafe is on the burner beneath the coffee pod basket, open the lid to the water reservoir and pour the water in. 

Step 7: Turn the burner on.

Once the freshly brewed java begins to flow into the carafe you can turn the burner on. Cracked pots happen and we’d like to avoid it. If everything went well and nothing is spilling on the counter or floor you can walk away.

Sit back and enjoy

You’ve done it! Within a couple of minutes you can start enjoying a freshly brewed cup of joe. You’ve earned it!