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Podcasting 101 Preparation

Preparation is critical

You’re paying by the hour, spend some time working on your script or topic outline, be sure to prep anyone else who’s appearing in-person on on the phone and have any intros, outros or interstitial audio ready to go on a Dropbox account. 

Podcasting 101 Your Podcasting Equipment

We’ve got you covered!

You don’t need to buy fancy computers, microphones, headphones, amps, mixing boards, or cables… we’ve got you covered. Of course if you have a computer that you are already familiar with and have software that you like you can just plug it in via USB or firewire or thunderbolt. 

Podcasting 101 BossJock

BossJock makes it easy!

Our studio iPad is preconfigured with the BossJock app. It’s a great little app that you can add your intro, outro, music or ads to its “cart” system, h the record button and you’ll be podcasting in no time.

Podcasting 101 Garage Band

Are you ready for GarageBand?

We’ve got GarageBand installed an ready to go! It’s a bit more complicated than BossJock but does allow up to 4 microphones in addition to hooking up your phone (assuming you have a headphone jack or adapter).

Podcasting 101 Book Your Time and Get Here!

That’s it!

Once you book your time we’ll send you a getting started guide that should answer all of your questions. We strongly advise that you watch a few more videos on both BossJock and GarageBand so you can maximize your recording time one you arrive.

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