Meditation: Healing Soul-Loss & Connecting w/ Your Inner Guide


During this guided meditation and visualization class you will discover what soul-loss is and begin the soul-recovery process through a guided visualization and meditation where you will connect with your Inner Guide.

Your Inner Guide knows all, and helps you to navigate through your life, overcoming challenging, and living your joy. This vital connection puts you back in touch with your path and your purpose, and proves the principal, everything you need is already within you.

>>Imagine…more peace, power, and joy in your life.
>>Imagine…feeling comfortable in your own skin.
>>Imagine…being able to set clear and decisive boundaries.
>>Imagine…having more clarity, energy and focus.
>>Imagine…having deeper insights into your life and your life path.

This class will be fun, relaxing, and transformative! If you’ve been feeling “blah”, disconnected, unhappy, stressed, and anxious this class will help to calm your body/mind and reconnect you with a vital part of your inner being.

Presented by Krista Arthur, JoyCode Coaching & Meditation

I’ve taught hundreds of women how to successfully apply meditation and mindful living principles to their lives for almost two decades. And I created JoyCode™ to specifically address this epidemic of soul-loss in our culture.

Free yourself from habitual thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns that are limiting you.​

Experience a deep state of relaxation and conscious awareness with the Awareness Meditation Practice.


You’ll be given practical tools and insights that you can use to help you reclaim your joy and experience more happiness and freedom in your everyday life.

Your Investment in Your Spiritual Well-Being is $25 (*not a replacement for medical care)

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