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Hello Member Welcome

Hellooo, new member!

Welcome! Every single person who joins our community helps to enrich our culture in a new and unique way. Now it’s your turn!

How to make your membership the coolest thing ever

Our reason for being is to create a place where greatness comes from connections people make at Social Workplace. Exactly how and when it happens always involves a bit of serendipitous magic, so keep an open mind! Here are a couple of the best ways to give yourself opportunities for cool things to happen:

  • Say hiya to strangers! When you’re at Social Workplace, you should feel free to say hello to other people. While you should be respectful of people when they’re focused on working, don’t be afraid to share who you are and ask people about themselves.
  • Enjoy the space. As a member or day-pass holder, you have access to the break room, common areas and clubhouse. Be courteous and respect others in your use of the space and noise level. If you need to be noisy, go outside or use an available conference room and close the door.
  • Cowork casual dress. Social Workplace is a professional workspace with a beachy vibe in a laid-back town. We like to keep things casual but still maintain an atmosphere of professionalism. By all means we encourage our Members to be comfortable at work but please no bikinis or sloppy attire and please wear shoes (or at least flip flops) at all times.
  • Attend an upcoming gathering at the space. Let us know if you want to present at an upcoming Show & Tell, and feel free to bring friends to the next social hour!
  • Organize something. Make your voice heard. If you have something to share and want to get members involved, go for it! We’re here to help each other advance ourselves. Put yourself out there! Either toss the idea out to us or fill out our Event Application!

How this whole thing works

As a member of Social Workplace, we are entrusting you, along with everyone else, to maintain the culture that makes us love being here so much. To that end, we ask three core things of everyone:

  • Respect yourself.
  • Respect others.
  • Respect the space.

If you find yourself wondering what’s allowed or permissible in the space, ask yourself whether you might be violating one of the above points. Things to be mindful of sharing responsibly (and to hold others accountable for sharing responsibly as well):

  • Share the Internet responsibly (easy on the giant file uploads and downloads, please!)
  • Share desks responsibly (be a good neighbor and avoid desk sprawl)
  • Print freely, but be reasonable (We don’t charge for occasional printing. If you need to print a lot of stuff, though, talk to us first, please!)
  • Be as tidy as you’d like everyone else to be. (If you turn into a tasmanian devil when in the restroom or kitchen, take a moment to spiff up the place after you return to human form, please!)

Generally speaking, if a voice in your head is telling you that you might be doing something wrong, listen to it! In particular, be mindful of the resources which are limited and must be shared responsibly to work well for everyone.

Know the Ground Rules

If you still need help, please refer to our Ground Rules.  All of our Members and Guests are required to follow them.

What to bring

  • A sweater or light jacket – We try to make the space as cool and comfortable as possible but you may want to bring a sweater or light jacket in case you get cold.
  • Laptop & power cord – Don’t forget the essentials when you come to work. We have just about anything else you might need but these items you can’t leave home without.
  • Earbuds/headphones – Always great to bring earbuds if you want to work undisturbed or listen to your own tunes while working.
  • Cell phone – Please be sure that your phone is on silent so as not to disturb other workers. We have charging stations for most mobile phones throughout the space.
  • Nosh (food) – We have snacks for you, and a refrigerator and microwave for food if you’re brown-bagging it. If you plan on microwaving odiferous food please use the clubhouse microwave so as not to bother others. Ask us about nearby places to #eatlocal if you need some recommendations – there are some great places!
  • Hydration (drinks) – Coffee, tea, cocoa and water are available for you and your guests. Grab a mug and help yourself.
  • Vitamin D (sun) – You’re free to use the outdoor space and lounge area during your time here to get some sunshine and take a screen break or eat lunch al fresco.

When you get here

  • 9am to 5pm – The space will be open and accessible to you during these hours unless you’ve been given after-hours or 24/7 access in your membership. Location: 2315 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717.
  • Parking – Parking is first-come, first-served in any open spot through the gate under the building. You may even want to walk, bike ride, Uber or Lyft to the space if you’re close by. Bike parking is available, bring a bike lock. Please do not park in our neighbors’ spots next door and follow any posted parking notices. Additional parking info.
  • Entry – Please enter and exit via Suite 200 upstairs. Let us know when you’re leaving for the day.
  • Restrooms are located at the back of the cowork space and at the top of the stairs in the front of the building.
  • Guests – Please let us know if you’re expecting any guests so we may greet them, offer coffee/tea or water and direct them your way. We’re here to make our members look good while also ensuring the security of our guests using the space.

Handy things to know about the space

  • Internet:

We have wireless internet access throughout the space. We have a guest network and our primary member network. Make sure you connect to the correct network to get the fastest speeds!

Network: SocialWorkplace
(Password for the day will be issued when you arrive)

  • Print/scan/copy:

We’ve got a printer near the reception area of the space which you can use, free of charge. It does fancy things like print from your phone or laptop (color or b&w), make copies, scan and email PDFs. Ask staff for details.

  • Conference rooms:

Our rooms are intended to be used for occasional phone calls and meetings. If you have a consistent need to be on the phone a lot, or take a lot of in-person meetings, we can work with you to ensure that your work doesn’t have too big of an impact on our limited private spaces.

  • Book a conference room online by claiming a time slot in advance (up to 8 people).
  • Book the huddle room (4 to 5 people) by adding your name to an available time slot on the window outside that room.
  • Lockers:

Members may rent a locker. Talk to us about how to do this by emailing us at hi@socialworkplace.com or by asking staff when you arrive!

  • Online:

You can find us all over the inter-web. Connect to us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for starters (@sowohq #cowork). Also feel free to leave a shining review on Google or Yelp! While you’re at the space, we’d love it if you posted a selfie or Tweeted to tell your friends about us. We’re happy to follow you back and give you a shout out to let our followers know about you and your business too.

We’re a tiny community in a great town, and we’re looking forward to the impact we’re going to make in this space. We’re built by and for our members – we don’t answer to anyone but each other. Thanks for becoming a part of our community. Let’s do awesome things together!


Heidi & Erik
Owners & Co-Captains (we typically work best in flip-flops but are totally profesh)